BioControl Systems

Neuro Interactive Technology

Products and Projects - History

BioMuse 1 - 1987
Multi-channel programmable biosignal (for EEG, EMG, EOG, ECG, and EDA) controller designed for brain-computer interface (BCI) and human-computer interface (HCI) applications.

BioMuse 2 - 1989
Check out this 1989 CNN National News report

EOG - Eye motion video game controller - 1991
We visited Loma Linda Medical School to help a little girl try out a video game.

BioMuse 3 - Production version - 1992
First commercially available programmable BCI and HCI product.
CNN National News 1993.
Check out Anthony Lloyd playing air violin.

Hands Free Controller - 1996
Wireless EMG headband and armband for hands free mouse control

Telegrapple - EMG controlled arm wrestling online - 1999
Log on to Telegrapple and challenge your friends to a real game of physical strength via your robotic avatar. Your EMG  armband conveys your muscle electrical energy to your virtual arm - and you can challenge anyone. World leaders can compete to relieve international tensions.
In conjunction with Sierra Group Services and KDG Interactive.

PS2 Video Game Controller - 2002
Game action controller using EEG, EMG, EOG, and ECG signals.
In conjunction with Sony Entertainment Inc.
Wireless Physiological Monitor - 2004
Wearable EMG and ECG module for continuous biometric monitoring

Telemuse - 2006
Wearable EEG, EMG, and ECG wireless module for continuous biometric monitoring

Wireless EDA Wearable - 2007
EDA recording unit - distributed through Infusion Systems, Canada

BioBeat wireless ECG wearable - 2008
ECG recording unit - distributed through Infusion Systems, Canada

BioFlex wireless EMG armband - 2008
Wearable EMG unit - distributed through Infusion Systems, Canada

BioVolt wireless EEG Headband - 2009
Dry electrode EEG headband with EMG and EOG capability - distributed through Infusion Systems, Canada

PSG Headband for In-Home Sleep Monitoring - 2011
Wireless headband with 2 channel EEG, EMG, and EOG recording capability.
In conjunction with MetroSleep Inc.

Body Worn Sensor Network - 2014
Body worn LAN supporting EEG, EOG, ECG, and EMG sensors bands with smart clothing integration.
Sensor data is processed and uploaded to smart phone or other network.
Developed by Senstream Inc. using Biocontrol sensors.

Wireless ECG Biometric Patch - 2016
Streams high quality single lead ECG, temperature, and motion data.
For tracking user stress and possible onset of infectious diseases.