BioControl Systems

Neuro Interactive Technology

Services (2003 - 2015)

BioControl provides consulting and design services for clients wishing to develop special purpose bio-interface and biosensor applications.


We have assisted clients in the development of biosignal control interfaces for:


  • video games
  • robotics
  • presence in simulation environments
  • music composition
  • aids for the physically disabled
  • affective computing
  • audience interactive events
  • focus group response evaluation



In addition, BioControl specializes in wearable biosensor design, offering:


  • Sensor systems with a focus on comfort, e.g. for sleep studies
  • Multi-channel sensor systems for ambulatory monitoring
  • Sensor systems for performance and interactive installations
  • Prototype sensor systems for proof of concept applications



A partial list of our clients and affiliates includes:



Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc.

Fraunhofer, FRG

Johnson & Johnson, Endo-Surgery

MetroSleep, Inc.

NASA – Ames Research Center

OSI Soft

Panasonic, R & D Corporation of N. America

Qinetic, UK

Queens University, Belfast, UK

Sarnoff Corporation

Sony, Computer Entertainment America

Stanford Medical Center – Sleep Disorders Clinic

Teledyne, Electronic Technologies

VIP Mobile

Enhanced video game controller with biosignal sensors embedded in the grips
Eye motion controlled video game interface using EOG signal sensors
Biosignal processing algorithm development
Stanford Sleep Lab - Preparing to sleep test a new EEG headband for in-home use